Sunday, January 30, 2011

Life is good

Life is good.

Spencer passed the Bar Exam and was admitted to the Arizona State Bar. He is officially a LAWYER! It's been a life-long dream of his (and mine) and finally that goal has been accomplished. He has all of his licenses and certificates. YEAH! He is enjoying the law firm he is currently at.

Rachel is enjoying school. Kaitlyn is still a girly-girl. Kimberlee is the funniest toddler around.

I'm busy with Performing Pals and keeping up with family and home.

Need I say more? Life is good.


Rob and Kimmie said...

super darling family pictures! your girlls are such cutie pies!

J&C Hale family said...

Congratulations on the 'official' status. Your girls are growing so big and so cute!

Amie said...

Congrats, Spencer! What a huge accomplishment!

Amie said...

Congrats, Spencer! What a huge accomplishment!

J-me said...

Congratulations Spencer (and Rebecca for helping you make it happen)!

Jenn said...

You have such a lovely little family! Congrats to Spencer (and you) for this great accomplishment!

Suzy Farar said...

Congrats! I haven't checked your blog in a long time, but it looks like you guys are doing well! Dennis said taking the bar exam was the hardest things he's ever done!

Melanie said...

Congrats Spencer and Rebecca! What a big milestone and accomplishment!
Sure love seeing your sweet family pictures.
Take Care!

Whitney said...

SO CUTE! Who took your pictures? I need to get some preggo ones done.

Also, could you email me your address, we're having a baby party! (whitneydibble at gmail dot com)