Monday, January 7, 2008



Shellee said...

Wow! I haven't seen Charlotte and Jonathan for years. I think that whole clan in awesome, especially the ones that were/are in the E-ward! Great picture of you all. I like how most of you are wearing your college colors.

The other pics were great and thanks again for arriving in time to sing with the choir. I have never had such a great response to a choir number before. You guys being there definately added a special feeling to the day.

***LIZ*** said...

Love all the new pics. Michael is sad that we missed Kaitlyn when you were here. You know how Christmas is though, crazy busy!

fosburgh family said...

It was fun to see you again. That was a great picture of your family!

Kathee said...

Bama says Rachel and Kaitlyn are the most amazing girls. We'd love to see a vidoe of 'dress-up' time. Happy January!

I think you ALL are the cutest people in the world... yes even Spencer! I think you guys should come down more often. or at least use the web cam more often!!
love ya-
-hannah merkley-